Founded in 1994, Ingénieurs Sans Frontières Québec (ISFQ) is a non-profit organization that aims to use engineering as a means of international development in communities most vulnerable to social and economic inequalities, residing in countries of the global South.

Since its foundation, 55 international cooperation projects have been financed, organized and completed in 18 countries. Over 300 engineers and development workers have taken part in these projects over the past 29 years. All these projects have helped more than 80 communities, involving 75 Quebec partners and local organizations.

Previously managed solely through a board of directors of members directly involved in project implementation, ISFQ now has a permanent team and a fixed headquarters Montreal.



To improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable communities through sustainable engineering, by uniting the experience of engineers and the willingness to act of Quebec’s next generation of engineers.


  • To be the vehicle for Quebec engineers wishing to express their support for international solidarity.
  • To be recognized as an innovative, forward-thinking organization.
  • Collaborate with local partners who understand the challenges and needs of communities.
  • Value mutual learning and bilateral technical capacity building.

Our Values








Submit your project to Ingénieurs Sans Frontières Québec

Ingénieurs Sans Frontières Québec’s calls for international cooperation projects are open to any association, cooperative and/or community group with a project requiring sustainable engineering input, wishing to participate in a cooperation approach and meeting the eligibility criteria. When applying, please note that your project must be carried out within the next three years.

The call for projects for the International Cooperation Commitment Program is now CLOSED !

We want to emphasize that calls for projects will eventually be relaunched. Please note that all organizations that have participated in the call for projects process over the last five years will be contacted when our calls for projects resume.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you continued success in your mission.


How to apply ?

| Important |

Ingénieurs Sans Frontières Québec does not work in crisis situations, but in international cooperation projects. Areas deemed by the Canadian government to be at risk for international mobilization will not be selected.

Step 1 – Project eligibility check

Your application must meet all the criteria listed below to be considered eligible.

Our organization welcomes project submissions in the sectors of access to water, light infrastructure (schools, maternity, dispensary, etc.), renewable energy, waste management, medical equipment, food security, sustainable socio-economic development and ecosystem protection and restoration.

In addition:

  • The project must promote governance capacity-building initiatives and long-term ownership of the project by local authorities ;
  • The needs of the project must be identified in advance by the local community in which it is to be implemented ;
  • The project must respect the principles of sustainable development and have a positive impact on the social, economic and environmental aspects of the area in which it is implemented ;
  • The community and/or local partner must support the financing of the project ;
  • ISFQ’s involvement in the project may not exceed 36 months ;
  • The project must demonstrate the added value of our organization in its co-development. Our organization’s expertise must be incorporated and include the mobilization of our teams on site, as required.

Please note that meeting all of the above criteria does not guarantee that your project will be selected.

Step 2 – Submitting your project

Once you’ve determined your eligibility for one of the calls for projects, simply download the form:

Carefully complete the form in the language of your choice (French, English or Spanish) and send it before June 30 at 5:00 pm to the following address: isfq@isfq.ca

Any document received after this date will automatically be rejected for analysis and evaluation.

Please send us your completed and signed form, together with the other documents attached, in a single .PDF file with the following nomenclature: YourProjectName_Country.pdf

If you have any questions during the submission process or about the form, please do not hesitate to contact us: isfq@isfq.ca


What happens after I submit my project ?

There are several stages in the evaluation of your application by our international cooperation project selection team. The selection process is based on a comparative method, and all applications will be evaluated at the same time :

1. Eligibility : If an application does not correspond to all the selection criteria, mission and values of ISFQ, the submission will not be evaluated ;

2. Analysis : Each application will be analyzed according to the same criteria and sent for evaluation to specialists in feasibility studies, financing, sustainable development and intervention in countries of the Global South. Only the best projects will be selected according to our organization’s capacity ;

3. Final decision : When a final decision is made on a submission, all applicants will be notified. In addition, only applicants who have passed the eligibility stage, whether they receive a positive or negative response, will be notified. However, ISFQ reserves the right to provide these responses on a non-simultaneous basis.